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AFGHAN KEYS:  GOODS in Professional Services and developments:  Afghan Time, 12-D

AFGHAN TIME DYNAMIQS:  Use as display, play game board, or do self quiz (6W's) with classic map on world history and heritage, over 5000 years, with rare research pictures.

We carry a wide range of products, to suit variety in budgets and tastes: postcards, notecards, magnets (for small to door size), business card (full map quiz image), reference page (8 1/2"x11"), mat (11"x17", display of gameboard or mini trading cards, poster(custom sizes); wall calendars (wall is basic gameboard, with 12 large picture Quizette card pages; wall calendar of map quiz game rules); desktop calendar is of Quizette game cards of photos with six questions & answers, Q & A.

NEW:  Afghanistan, LITE Treasures, desktop calendar, has two cards a page; a time capsule of human history for 2010 (bookstores; groups).

A. TIME map quiz has developments in world history/heritage; custom and group orders
AFGHAN TIME Dynamiqs, 12-D:  New, desk top calendar, 2010
Use as display, or learn with Quizettes map game (1986-96-2006). 
Get a glimpse of world history by Afghan Heritage, RAFYQ (friend).
Research-Afghan-5000-Years-Quizettes with research pictures.
NOTE:  Full, four color images (cardstock or laminated), limited prints, custom or group.  
Trading game card, heritage postcard & game board or display
AFGHAN TIME Dynamiqs, 12-D, full color. 
  • _*guiz map, game mat with border cards of rare pictures; in world history/heritage, 5000 years (to library index)
  • _ game card mat (11"x17"), of 20 cards, display
  • _ *mat, 2 sided; custom laminated (by request)
  • _*postcards (envelopes on stock; by request)                   
  • _*note cards (or oversized postcards; on stock)
  • _ magnets, vibrant; medium or large for vehicle doors            
  • _ handbook, wall calendar, 11"x8.5", 12 different images, with Q and A tabs...
  • _ handbooks combo of two calendars (24 images).  Second has quiz game clues.
  • _ reference page (8.5x11"); Quizette map game board; participant/student rates
  • _ poster, 11"x17", cardstock (for custom laminate, add $3 plus S and H, USPS).
  • _ banner, 2.5'x4' (vinyl, limited print; special order at best offer, consideration)
  • _ Sponsors or Venture game board or event (with 200 word description for box manufacturing)
... PENDING:  Treasure Dynamiqs game/s version or booklet, by custom print, interest or sponsors.  Contact jjjjshaw@dynamiqs.biz

NOTES for seminar; workshop; tutorial rates:
...reference page (8 1/2"x11"),
_ mat (11"x17"), poster(s),
_ handbook/calendar (wall, game board, 12 large, pictures, Quizette cards)
...handbook/calendar (wall, area maps and quiz game, with clues or rules; 2009)
...handbook(s) combo for seminar, 12 week (TBA).
...Quizette postcard, featuring Afghan 100 Year flag; other Quizette trading, game cards
...DVD by interest, on stock:  Afghan Rose Petals dvd, 30 min. (also, R.A.F.Y.Q., 60 min.)
...DVD pending, stock (Afghan Time Scroll, with Clues, parts shown on SBTV3 and kafgtv)

AFGHAN TIME, 12-D, map game cues
AFGHAN TIME, 12-D, map game cues
*Quizette wall folio/calendar on game quiz rules *See PayPal button or gift contributions toward venture event display or sponsor for manfacturing game boxes with card sets 10,000. * 200 word description is available.

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