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AFGHAN DYNAMIQS Tote Kit:  Play Quizette game show with five items.This is for Treasure Keys, LITE, 12-D dynamiqs.biz
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dynamicslite (3d9d)

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Afghanistan game board & trading card in 4-12 views and careers, & 5000 years, world history:
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_ KIT:  Dynamicslite combo kil
_ FOLDER GAME: Afghan MInd Map, Quizettes
_ HANDBOOK, wall calendar:  Afghan Quizettes
_ BOOKLET, desk calendar: Afghan, 5000 years; Quizette 6Ws; careers listed by library dynamics
_ FOLIO BOOKLET, desk calendar: Prompts life story, memoir writing; library/careers research
_ HANDBOOK, wall calendar:  Dynamicslite 12d, California folk art of building replicas
_ TOTE BAG:  Afghan images, His Story & Hers; Quizette cards ("Step into Time", four views)
_ TOTE BAG:  Quizette card, Afghan 100 Year Flag image.
_ DVDs: LIfe Story, Memoir writing (or Afghan Rose Petals, History talk, pictures, & song, 30 M
_ CARDS:  postcards; notecards (oversized); trading cards; poster of cards (pre-cut pending)
* POSTER OF CARD SETS (pre-cut pending)
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WORKSHOP: Dynamics Lite, 3d-9d mind mapping. 3, 5, 10, OR 12 hour, TBA.
TUTORIAL pending for near future:  P.O.R.T.-FOLIOS Research, P.R. for Education, Orientation, ETC.
Afghan Dynamiqs Combo KIT, Tote Bagful for Quizette Game Show or Partner Quiz. (See items for details.)
+Afghan Dynamiqs KIT: (1) Tote Bag (an Afghan image), (2) one new 2013 poster game board, 11"x17" (mat), laminated (3) one folder/ game board mat (2011) (4) one 2013 master mat, with quiz show game rules (5) Set of cards, three sizes: notecard, postcard, Quizette trading card. (6) Desktop booklet / calendar (24 Quizette card images); (7) Wall handbook/ calendar (12 Quizette card images) and more. Kit TOTAL at $69. NOTE: on stock items: add CA Tax, S&H, (USPS flat rate or min. $17).
Price: $69.00
Afghan folder mind map game: Quizette show game
FOLDER GAMEBOARD/S, 2011, (11"x17", card stock, full color); classic 50 Year map with research pictures; 6 W questions in each Quizette card. Learn keys to 5,000 years shared history, with a game board! Images vary, on stock. Enter annual contest drawing. One for $7. Three for 19.99 (plus S&H, CaTx) *One included is master insert of 2013 mat (11"x17"). See new rules (with dice or spinner).
Price: $19.99
Memoirs to Careers, WW II Veteran & Grower. Life Story Writing Prompts, Dynamiqs. 12-D
FOLIO Book, New, 4"x6", 26 pictures (for one) or DESK TOP Calendars (two), model 8"x4",12 images, Jack's Life Stories: Research writing prompts on 12 viewpoints or career figures. * Add USPS flat rate for envelope or boxful. ONE for 12.99. TWO per $20.00. *[Card game on career viewpoints, pending time & interest.)
Price: $19.99
Dynamiqs on Career types, Jack's Cork Craft, of unique folk art of historical building replicas
+Wall size calendar/keepers, 12 full page images; 12 dynamiqs outlooks e.g. Philosophical, Spiritual, etc. Special order, card stock, one for 19.99; (glossy paper). TWO for 35.00.
Price: $19.99
Afghan dynamiqs.biz 12-D, Quizette map
WALL CALENDARs/ HANDBOOKs,12 different FULL PAGE, color images, rare pictures; Quizette Tab / cards of 6W questions on 5000 years, in world history & heritage; 50 Yr. classic provincial map. ONE for 20.00. TWO per $35.00.
Price: $29.99
DESKTOP Calendars/info booklets (a "time capsule", handy 8.25"x4.5"); 20 rare research pictures (two per page). Each card has 6W questions, Q&A, for 5000 Years, organized by 4 Group types, in views with careers listed. Cover has classic map. (It is like the wall size, below.) One for 12.99. TWO per 20.00.
Price: $19.99
Step into Time, 12-D, His Story & Hers
SEE TOTE BAG (at top): small, approx. 12x13.5" (on stock or Rush fee): Afghan coin & dress plus map, of LITE,12-D, Treasures, 3 images. ONE for 14.99. TWO per 25.00. *Event at 3 per $36. (Benefit, 15%.) CERTIFICATION Trainee, Alum Distributor, SPECIAL RATES, eMail, TBA.
Price: $24.99
Afghan Quizette card (img)
TOTE BAG(s), small, approx. 12"x13.5": Choose A, B, or C. (a) from classic map, large OR (b) and/or with Greco-Bactrian coin and nomadic dress ("His & Her Story") OR (c) 100 Year Flag. *Surprize cards (to eClub, contributor or sponsor), from Quizette game or trading cards, current or on stock, * Email for Special Rate for His & Her Tote bag for the Certified Training Alum. One for 14.99. TWO per $25.00.
Price: $24.99
AfghanKeys,5000Yrs poster
POSTER, 22"X 28", color, heavy coat bond, for 2013 (not laminated; or add); Custom, limited prints by special request. *Use or gift for display, library, office, etc. Client sponsor, or Contributor add notes. Use in pkg., seminar training or fundraising for workshop productions. 10% discount pricing for two or more items: one is $71.25 value for 61.25; two is 142.50 value for 114.50. USPS largest tube, approx. 14.00. Ask if to laminate.
Price: $71.25
AfghanKeys5000Yrs,LITE 12-D
+WALL CALENDARS/ HANDBOOKS: 8.5"11"; 20 research images; spiral bound (paper; cardstock, extra). For display, self-study, Q&A quiz show (seminar/ tutorial pkg.); like 2010 desktop calendar, two cards per page; or 2009, one per page; revisions, Oct. for 2014 ONE for 16.99. Discount, 10%, by TWO at 34.00 value for $29.99.
Price: $16.99
Afghan Time, 12-D, dynamiqs
POSTCARDS per variety set of four (images vary, on stock)* SURPRIZE? This may include one Quizette MINI-TRADING CARD with 6 W questions, Q&A. FOUR card / items per $10.00.
Price: $9.99
Dynamiqs, DVD, A, B, or C (30 min. approx.)
DVD, on stock (A) Afghan Rose Petals: History Talk & lyricist. OTHERS, event, on stock or archive request: (B) Afghan Time, I-III (Clues; His Story & Hers). (C) LITE Dynamiqs & careers, 5 min. (D) Dynamiqs, Life Story (prompts) to Careers, John H. Lauchland, WW II Veteran & cork craft. $19.99 ea.
Price: $19.99
P.O.R.T.-FOLIOS Research (with logo flag)
P.R. for Education Orientation (near future development): Communication, Certificate training (alum, advisor or associate), seminar-workshop and lab tutorial / club (10-20 per class); packaging includes system materials (units 4-8 hr., 20; or 90 hr.); RT&D, with REFERRAL CREDITS (15%); tech equipment; project cost options; STANDARD institutional variables, prorated: half day, TBA for fuller workshop training, including system materials, like trademark Trac Trics, Research Writing Organizers, wholesale. Negotiable, Consulting. Orientation/ Meeting hour with learning tools. Bid. $35 per hr. for min. 10 students, TBA
Price: $35.00
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Enter Option Name:
Treasures, LITE 12-D™...
+L.I.T.E., Learning International Technique Workshops, 3, 5, 10, or 12 hour. Orientation to Quizettes, 1 of 4 views; Afghan, 12-D focus; Creative Workshop (added locale theme, four views; and/or Finale). Education: images, learning technique, system tool, production developments. Training for Certificate, Advisor or Associate. ©Prof.Jacklyn E.L. Shaw, Admin-Founder; multiple credentials; consulting; tutorials; pro-rated, program at 10 students or product services, workshop standards, per hour, plus wholesale rates, including basic poster/game board or calendar (USPS or event); standard $35 per hour, minimum 10. TBA. Pending.
Price: $35.00
© Jacklyn E (Lauchland) Shaw (M. Ed., Administrative), Professor-author, 1974-2011
This methodology and product service has proprietary interest in investment & time. Maintain credit marks. Material may not be reproduced or used for derivatives without my written permission. Contact to be signed & dated in advance. 
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