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     USE AFGHAN MIND MAP, 12-D DYNAMICS, AS POSTER OR QUIZ SHOW GAME.  The learning techniques interface with library dynamics, interdisciplinary studies and career views. Discover 5000 Years of world history, arts, etc. Afghanistan is the established Crossroad to Asia since 1500 BC. Answer clues with question words. See poster of classic map, timeline and Quizette cards of dynamic doorways. 
       Pay to Jacklyn Shaw*, JJJJShaw, dynamiqs.biz, 
           612 W. Lodi Ave., 101-24, Lodi, CA 95242.
*Founder, Professor-Author, BA, Classics, UCB; M.Ed., Administrative, UNLV. Published & taught at Kabul University, two years, peak 70's; US CORPS training, RPCV; taught over 1700 teens in public schools; with multiple credentials, K-12.      
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     CLICK SPECIALS. Afghan Mind Map:_puzzle, _game board, _display, _tote bag, etc. and Dynamics Lite Kit (nine item types):
Afghan Mind Map12d DEAL
FOLDER/ game board, 12x18, full color card stock, for sets of THREE at 8.99, onstock or 2014
Price: $2.99
Afghan Quizettes,12d, His & Hers
BOOKLET, 12d with 6w's, Q&A (collector, desk calendar; reuse), 8x4, full color; two or more discount, cardstock)
Price: $11.99 $9.99
Afghan Mind Map,12d,Quizette
+GAME BOARD /master, 11x14, or quiz show game: Full color, CARDSTOCK, poster (not laminated, for class set of 30). *On stock, or new, 2014. (USPS rate. If for more than one, flat rate by printer, Drop Ship.) TWO FOR LESS, $7.99.
Price: $5.99 $3.99
*Option: credit for part of one hour orientation or workshop, TBA:
Afghan Dynamics wall calendar
HANDBOOK, wall calendar, 12 Quizette cards with 6Ws of question words and clues; 12 rare research pictures* November / March specials (by gross rates); revised, new for 2014; full color paper, glossy *Most popular item.
Price: $17.99
KIT SPECIAL: Dynamics Light, East & West (Developments)
KIT COMBO includes 9 items, Note: ON STOCK or 2014.3: (1) TOTE bag, varies (2) GAME BOARD /mat (11"x17"), laminated paper; OR card board master. (3) FOLDER GAME, 2014.3 (or 2011) (4) HANDBOOK (wall calendar), Afghan 12-D Quizette card images (5) BOOKLET (desk calendar): CA life cork craft; on prompts for careers, life stories OR Afghan Quizette desktop calendar (6) CARDS variety, all sizes: oversized notecard, postcard, and sample trading game card. (7) DECK OF CARDS: new large print, on stock: Quizette DynamiQs 12-D, AFGHAN, 6W, Q&A OR CALIFORNIAN,12d careers. (8) POSTER PUZZLE (two-sided, map to cards): Quizettes of Afghan mind map OR California folk art on library vistas, career outlooks & research. (OPT as precut or uncut poster) (9) SURPRISE item OR 10 minute phone orientation (or DVD, 5 min. if requested). NOTES: *Allow 3-6-10 weeks for custom orders, limited prints. *Add S&H, USPS flat box rate.
Price: $99.00
Afghan dynamiqs.biz TOTE BAG only
+TOTE: Afghan nomad & coin, "His Story & Hers", with learning game image of 50 year classic map and "Quizette" border cards. Image of Afghan nomad & coin, Quizette card. If mail, add USPS flat rate, $5.00. Limited, special order, also.
Price: $14.99
Afghan Mind Map Cards, deck
DECK of Cards (52, large), includes dynamics, 1-12 and wild cards (extra info)
Price: $21.99
Afghan Mind Map,12d,Quizette
+GAMEBOARD/ MAT, 11x14, Premium Paper LAMINATED (same image as gameboard/ poster): Full color *new, 2014.3 or on stock. DS, Drop Ship, varies by wt. and zip distance (Pickup, Fed Ex., pending your custom order.)
Price: $9.99 $7.99
Afghan 12d Puzzle, all ages
PUZZLE mat/ poster, 24 pieces rectangular; cardstock, 11x17; two-sided: map to 12d quiz card slices to match. (Precut or opt for uncut poster).
Price: $16.99
Californian, 12-D, life & careers
Poster and/or DECK of cards, Outlooks in library studies and careers; Life story writing and Memoirs with prompts from unique cork craft items (approx 60 cards by groups)
Price: $9.99
AfghanMindMap12-D display
+DISPLAY poster, 18x22 (for library. quiz show, office or restaurant); minimum Cardstock, 2014.3 by exhibit or custom order NOTE: S&H by tube, by wt. and zip code, approx. $9.99 (or for mounted, 29.99 ), FedEx (Email, To Be Arranged.) Limited Prints. Event special.
Price: $49.99 $45.00
Afghan Mind Map jigsaw puzzle
JIGSAW pieces, standard, 11x14 x 1/8 inch thick; for twelve, 12 pieces (or more) . DS, Drop shipping is available, by USPS rates in volume (approx. one for $5.75 unless more items). (If prefer 56 pieces, option to note on order form.) Allow min. 3-6 wks processing, TBA.
Price: $24.99