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ABOUT US: Jacklyn E.L. Shaw (and retired James M. Shaw)

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Dynamiqs lite of jjjjshaw PORT-FOLIOS has developed since 1980. The vision is to foster a love of lifelong learning. We aim to turn education into a fun and engaging experience for participants and students. Our low-teacher to student ratio and interactive approach to education serve -- to develop not only educational skills, but social skills as well.

All of our certified teachers will complete workshops, of 1 to five or 10 hours, by expertise and interests. We are committed to ensuring each participant shows growth or interest to attain academic excellence, for problem solving or creative productivity.

We look forward to answering any questions and concerns you may have. We welcome you to learning keys to life, as we move forward together and with others.

BRIEF: JACKLYN SHAW, Founder, Professor-Author:

M.Ed., Administrative services (Higher Learning, multi-credentialed, K-12).

Published Research Writing (skills textbook); Afghanistan, 15 Years Later (article; ongoing studies) and taught at Kabul University, in '76 and '77 in Secretarial business teaching,

US Corps training with inservices (two full years), language, culture and music; TESL; RPCV.

Taught 1,700 teens within 10 years and programs, 7-12 and adults, multiple subjects (history, language arts, English/Spanish, from gifted education to learning handicapped.

Appointed District Coordinator , K-8, Multicultural, state mandate inservices;

Department Chair, 7-12, Humanities and foreign languages, for district accreditation

Honorary: World Trade and Tourism (NV); IPS, Poet/song medal;

Chancellors Advisory Committee, Foreign Student Advising (UCB)

PROMOTER: As a coordinator, Jacklyn received honors in the Nevada World Trade and Tourism Association. She was appointed for Fine Arts Department accreditation and District coordinator for mandates in cultural inservices. she has been a member of ASCD, Supervision and Curriculum Developers; grant fund writing professionals; and CAM, California Museums. She enjoys choir, karoake, and social dance.


PUBLISHED textbook; article; letters:

  • Afghanistan...15 Years Later (on changing attitudes; ongoing book research, 160-400 page, 1986-96; 2006-09; article co-credits, late L. Dupree, Ph.D-Harvard, AUFS Reports, SE Asia, 10'76)

  • Dynamicslite, 12-D technique and learning game developed from article

  • Research and Thesis Writing in Stages (textbook on skills; steps; 160 pg).+

  • Careers TriQathlon RO along with Trac Trics PORT-FOLIOS TM has been taught at all levels.


Poet Humor medals and other awards

  • FOUNTAINS TRUE, Constitutionalist, USA (medal, International Poet Society, Washington, DC,1997)

  • IS ATTITUDE BY AGE OR CHOICE ? (Creative Writers,LW, Seal Beach, CA, 2009; CSULB judges)

  • POET TOOL CARD (1997) and Chapbooks, pending.

  • AFGHAN ROSE PETALS is a 20 verse song poem (1996) and DVD (30 minute), with history talk.

  • Copyrights Registered, All Rights Reserved, USA.

* GREETING CARDS? Julie Shaw, was a gifted and talent winner, three years, in California, county art contests. She creates hand made cards for special occasions. She works and studies for medical advancement as specialist.

© Jacklyn E (Lauchland) Shaw (M. Ed., Admin., Founding Author), 1974-201


  • M.Ed.,Administrative-Author, Professor(Ed.D.-pend)

  • She earned multiple credentials, K-12, college and administrative services and higher learning.

  • B.A., University of California, UCB, in Classics (in English and Spanish). Ed.D.-Pending ADA.

  • She taught 1,700 teens, within 10 years, and adults at public schools and institutes

  • taught learning handicapped to gifted program; adult, all age groups, levels, TESL; careers & life skills; Mac/PC lab

  • was appointed to Chancellor Advisory for International Education (UCB & UNLV), District Coordinator, department chair; and co-founding manager with honors in World Trade and Tourism Association; Board Secretary, CSLW, 2 years.

  • published,taught at Kabul University (Secretarial Business Teaching), overseas, SW Asia, 1976, 1977.

Founding CO-PRODUCER: late James M. SHAW, M.A., Jewelry, a retired Teaching Tech Specialist and taught 39 years. He initiated a lab of 70 Imacs, used by the faculty, staff, students and surrounding community. Jim and Jacklyn produced various video DVD's for archives, graduations, etc. He has served and presided on Home Association Boards. Semi-retired, he likes sport fishing

(as does his son, out of state); car races.

As co-growers, the Shaws are seager to learn, with new site: pending

UNIQUE FOLK ARTIST: the late John H Lauchland, b. 1917-2009, resided in Lodi, CA, USA. He created Jack's Cork Craft items to delight family and friends. He and his wife of 68 years, raised their five daughters. A WW II Veteran, he retired at 80, as wine grape grower, after helping his seven grand children through college. This is his unique Folk Art, since 2002. Building replicas to ornaments -- have been displayed at San Joaquin County Historical Museum at Micke's Grove, Lodi, CA; Carnegie Public Library; and Kirkwood Inn.

Note: with verses; dvd event archives;

Life Treasure Keys?

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