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With BACTRIAN-GRECO gold coins, Alexander the Great, 327 BC-48 AD, wanted the Best in East and West, and married Roxshana. In overview of the Afghanistan timeline, for international studies, "One who does not learn from history is doomed to repeat it? (1901/G. Santayana).

Since 1500 BC, at Established Crossroad to Asia, Afghans were enlightened (with Tarzi) by all world religions. In nearby Nepal, "Namaste" means "I esteem the divine in you" (from a USA Peace Corps trainer.) In 1747, Afghan nation was led by Durrani, Assembly Elect King of the "Loya Jirga", and August 19, 1919 was Independence Day (over 100 years). 

NOTE: Afghanistan Tour Organization brochure, 1976, under King Zahir Shah, and 2007, "Baba", Father of the Nation -- was developed by Afghans with UN and Swiss publishing). 

 See the Afghan Nation Classic map (a gift) on Quizettes folder!

Afghans relate in the diaspora (worldwide) from the almost 50 years war zone. History Boring? 

Timelines can come alive with personalities for liberty contributing in careers plus tech and arts.

INFO:  To 100th of Afghanistan Independence, August 19, 1919, with King Amanullah and Grand Assembly, "Loya Jirga". (Is the tribal chiefs of elders assembly, possibly since times of Bactrian-Greco gold coins?  

*NOTES:  Ambassador Dubs (in military family) was assassinated, during Soviet war (1978-89). He was communicating with tribal chiefs part of Grand Assembly ("Loya Jirga", which Pashtuns attest).

* THANKS TO 100TH TO ALL LEGION AND VETERANS, 1919 Honors by Congress for community services (by cost rates), plus S&H, box (CA Tax). (See Veterans pillow, Store Button. *Pledged Donation of $5 is by JELS to LegionPost22 or other similar veteran organization by contact.)

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