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Bringing You Unforgettable Fun:

No one likes attending a boring party. Its not memorable. Its not fun. At TREASURES, its our mission to turn every special event into an incredible experience.

For number of years, weve been providing type of service entertainment services from town to country area. From type of event to type of event, were available to provide an engaging and interactive experience for people of all ages and interests.

We make planning the entertainment for your event simple. By working with you every step of the way, we are able to meet all of your needs and those of your guests.

We are more than ready to come to your next party or function! Give us a call at phone number for a FREE consultation!

CONTESTS: Special Event Drawings, Pending Notice (TBA)

Send eMail or mail, to enter our survey drawing. Be named on Hallmark*, or win a Treasure Dynamiqs mat or item.

Enter our contest drawing, by

(a) mailing your reply to the Quizettes survey or any eMail.

(b) sending a postcard reply or your business card info.

Please join us for a next event!


What is your Q and A reply

for a favorite or special site

(past, present or future)?

NAME a special location:

city, state/area or nation




plus WOW (a feat)?

Mail or eMail your Q and A response, with contact info.

QUIZETTES ™ © 2000 Professor Jacklyn Shaw, Ed.Admin.-Author, Promoter, Seal Beach, CA

*Ask about banners (2.5x4 feet) to tote bags with postcards and game cards. Celebrate the 100 Year Afghanistan Flag, Independence (Day),

August 19, 1919.


It is for your special event, with description or promotional info, pending notice, for annual special drawing prize.

WINNERS receive a prize in choices (game board, mat or trading cards)

Treasure Dynamiqs mat or item

(A) Quizzette map mat,

of research pictures,

(B) Dynamiqs mat of craft art, on careers; life story writing prompts

(C) Note cards, postcards, or a DVD.

EVENT:             DATE: 

TIME:               LOCATION:

MAIL a postcard or printout --

of your Q and A survey response,

with your return address to:

Prof. Jacki Shaw

612 W. Lodi Ave., 101-24, Lodi, CA 95242

Print your full name: ..............

(Add affiliation or group.)........

street, mailing address ..........

city, state (province), nation: ...

eMail and/or phone number ....................................

* Watch for HALLMARK LIST and/or honorary member card, as a contributor, sponsor, or winner.

© Jacklyn E (Lauchland) Shaw (M. Ed., Admin., Founding Author), 1974-2013

Life Treasure Keys?

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