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WALL DISPLAYS/calendars: See Q&A of 6 W's clues by Prof. JL Shaw, with "couple in love" (from Olomism), Afghan 5000 Year Game card in Timeline border cards, of Quizette game board. 

* Also, see Veteran Art Craft, 12d, on Careers with 4 Keys

 (calendar, archive or updated, or pending display).

*NOTES, Details, Info:

Afghanistan Independence, of August 19, 1919

*See PROMOS/Your Ads/Credits Afghan Tour Organization, 1977; with Swiss publisher, UN, Nancy Dupree, and Afghan photographers, selective images; gift of pdf with H. Olomi, USA Afghan artist; M. Niaz and others.

* * * * *

*INFO: Peace in shared heritage of Afghanistan since 1747 AD with King elect Durrani, Abdali Empire, and Hindu Kush mountains. * Pakistan became a nation, 1947, from part of Afghanistan and India, with Indus River Valley..

*ALSO, SEE PILLOWS! for gifts:

(1) tribute to Afghanistan Independence, 1919, and 

(2) thanks to 100th, USA Legion/Veterans, 1919.

Afghan 5000 Year folder game board plus

Afghanistan Quizettes, Show game cards, folder for 18 (to 52) uncut game cards).

* See ITEMS INFO (page):What kind of learner, listener, or leader are you?

What is your style? TRADITIONAL Professions TECHNICAL Trades, PERFORMING Arts, or MIXED? Creative, Leadership?

*See 12 DynamiQs, with visuals (adapted Melvil Dewey Library System). 

 Each QUIZ SHOW CARD has six question words. Read the CLUE lines, and then guess from Q&A, of six W words: EZ Tab A:

Where? Who? When? & Tab B: What? Why? Wow? Quizette Show game has varied rules or options to play. Enjoy.

*PS (Post script): May Taliban refugees from Soviet war, trained in Pakistan (cousins?) find interest in the shared Afghan history with career keys. Afghans practice the 10 commandments. May Taliban (students) practice the 1st and 2nd Commandments (if they are Islamic)? 

(Inshallallah, Creator, God Bless).

Desktop Booklet (Calendar, archive or current):  

Play Partner Quiz Game in Q&A, Tab A or B.

Covers Vary:  Afghan Elder with 6W Clues OR 

Veteran Craft, 12d, with 6W Clues on Career Styles

*DESK CALENDAR, of Quizette game cards, from timeline, with 6W's in Q&A, $39.99 All on stock only. PayPal, includes S&H (USPS flat rate) & any tax]. Cashier Check, $US only.

*CREDITS: Over 50 Year Classic map of Afghanistan with 28-34 provinces, with King Zahir government, Baba, Father of Afghanistan, 2007. This includes many Afghans in the Diaspora, since Soviet attack on Afghan Presidential Palace, invasion and over 40 years war (with Mazar petrol) * Map is gift from Mahrokh Niaz, Poet Journalist.

COPYRIGHTS, USA, 2021-1976. Prof. Jacklyn (EL) Shaw, Ed.Admin, taught & published at Kabul University, RPCV, Peace Corps, 1976 & 77

*Some photos by JELS: KhyberPassGallery; Olomism.

INFO: THANKS/Tashakor to USA Afghans in diaspora and with visits: Late M Sarwar Omar, PhD-Harvard, late Amir (and Fatima Kaify), my Former Supervisor from Afghanistan, and late Tawab Assifi, musician, Water engineer and former Governor of Herat, ancient cultural capitol of the arts; and others with fundraising organizer events. The late Gov. Tawab A. noted that Afghanistan is invaded every 50 Years, from regional drought.

*Sorry in no solicitations. Educator exhibits by JELS, not for profit, or research design loss at cost.

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