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Start with the Store.  Then use the GUEST BOOK, to EMAIL to confirm by listing your paid order of items & quantities plus prices. Thank you.

 See items for your order. Some pending time and interest         

For "ONLINE ORDERS", please use STORE, plus GUEST BOOK EMAIL: Send your List of items & prices, for us to know your order list!

For S&H, Shipping and Handling, USPS, minimum is $7.90. Save by BUNDELED ITEMS, S&H (flat rate for box, $19.30) and any CA, USA, tax on cart. Consider group orders or affordable KITS (with matching substitutions). 

For RATES, this is ON STOCK. (Note "Option OK", If alternate theme available. Otherwise, kindly wait six to 10 weeks to re-stock.) 

NOTICE: All items are created, custom designed, limited, at not-for-profit costs. For education, as mutual benefit NO REFUNDS or SOLICITATIONS, except  exhibitor.

SEE Service Page for DONATION PLEDGED (by JELS), $3-5 per item of "couple in love", OLOMI ART (excerpt in items and CAUSE in facebook...Helping Afghans in Afghanistan

Our Products (Rebuilding, Please check items, soon, Thank you)

Afghan 5000 Year 12d, 6 Q & A  clues

WALL DISPLAY(s) (booklet/calendar)Quizette Show game Cards and images, $19.99. 

*Add S&H (USPS flat rate, box $19.30; include any tax]  

* All ON STOCK only, pending interests. Handy Display. 


$3-5 DONATION TO H. Olomism artist facebook com  "Helping Afghans and Afghanistan"

(freedom in God)

*For items with "couple in love" image

NOTES* Refer to page ITEMS INFO.

* STARTER KIT is five folder items (one as game board and/or display, two desk calendars, etc.

Afg5000YrGm Folders 5


Afghanistan 5000 Year Timeline, QUIZ SHOW GAME FOLDERS (five) with Border cards of timeline, in four key career areas or interests. 

* * * * *

NOTES, Details: 

$29.99 for five folder games, to include S&H (flat rate, $7.90-box, 19.30 (12"x6" or current USPS rates), including any CA tax?

All for ON STOCK only, by interest

* BEST DEAL as Starter Kit.

* Also, This may become a BUNDLE Kit rate by box in cart to save on S&H. $98 Estimate with FOLDERS (5) KIT, WALL DISPLAY & 2-3 DESK CALENDARS. Send EMAIL on order list & pricing. 

DESK CALENDARS for Partner Read Through

 (2-3 items; may vary):

Afghanistan 5000 Year border cards in Quizettes Show Game, with 8.19.1919, from Afghanistan Independence, 100 year war.

PRICING:  $39.99 for 2-3 plus S&H,$ 7.90 (and any CA tax).

* * * * *

NOTES: Also, send web email for list of CERTIFICATE MEMBERS of Winners or to record (or log).

* See ITEMS INFO (page). 

Afghan 5000 Year Quiz Game Timeline Cards (uncut), 

6W Clues, Folder  (18), five folders for deck of 52), $29.99 plus S&H (& CA Tax)


Afghanistan Time, Quizette Game board poster, on stock, sizes vary [Button to reapply]

$24.95 +S&H protective tube (varies up to $19.99 extra?) [or "request budget", folded to squares for envelope, $7.90]

AfghanQuiz, Classic Map Puzzle, with Afghanistan 5000 Year ... Quizettes Show Game board of timeline with 12d border cars of 6 Q & A clues with DynamiQs careers$24.95 + basic UPS S&H (plus any CA Tax)

* Over 50 Year classic Afghansitan map (28-34 provinces, under King Zahir Shah, "Baba" Father of Nation until 2007 {Pending]

AFGHAN PILLOW of "couple in love", His & Her with Q & A side tabs on 6W's on Afghan 5000 Year history with careers; and with Rumi poet art from H. Olomism (#1 USA Afghan refugee artist. 


DONATION Pledged $3-5 per item by JELS for Olomism in facebook... HELPING AFGHANS and AFGHANISTAN (with pillow at current cost), $19.99 each, plus S&H cart box incl. any CA Tax.  ***!!!

PILLOW: THANKS TO 100TH TO ALL LEGION AND VETERANS At cost, $19.99 each includes Pledged $5.00 donation to LegionPost22,Lodi (or other interested Veteran organization upon contact), plus S&H box incl. CA Tax. *NOTE:  See INFO at ALERT QUOTES page.

AFGHAN TOTE has the 100 Year Afghanistan flag on one side and two trading cards from quiz game (with the classic 50-70 year map of 28-34 provinces). Current cost each tote bundle, on stock, is $15.00 plus S&H and any CA tax (Pending time for button entry)

Desk calendars:  

(1) Afghanistan 5000 Year Quizette cards on four careers.

(2) WW II Veteran Cork Craft on Career Styles, Dynamics 12d and four keys, current rate, $19.99 +S&H (& any CA tax) [Pending]

Veteran on Career & Listening Styles, Jack's Cork Craft ('till 90), CaLodian display, 12d Careers, Q&A, adapted by JELS from Library System (MDLS), notecard (on stock, size varies) $4.99 +S&H & any CA tax (Pending interest and time.)

Veteran Craft on Career Keys in game board mat (or folder) of Quizette cards, 12d, DynamiQs, Q & A, (CaLodian, design by daughter), JELS 

Pricing: $6.00 each per five for mat(s), plus uncut cards (as folder games) $29.99  to include S&H (flat rate, current USPS rates), any CA tax? All for ON STOCK only. Note: NOTE: key questions (as related to Melvil Dewey Library System).[Pending interest and time, for other Veterans in theme proposals]

MUG with image, DynamiQs.bizas coffee or tea cup, with Afghan 5000 year game board and Veteran craft mat (on stock or custom email "request" to Afghan  "couple in love"). That is to Olomism art and cause, on Facebook com "Helping Afghans and Afghanistan".

Pricing, 8.99 +S&H and any CaTax (Pledge of $3-5 by JELS) Pending interest and time. (This is a paragraph of NOTES FOR THE Founding AUTHOR, DEVELOPER, pending interests and time.)

Pending interest and time. (This is a paragraph of NOTES FOR THE Founding AUTHOR, DEVELOPER, pending interests and time.)

Santa's Cappers, Career Treasures, Quizettes Show game, Qz12d (3d9d), magazine with Supplement game cards by JEL Shaw, 2021-1996:  Pending time and interest. Pricing $24.99 + S & H, any CaTax 

(This is a paragraph of NOTES FOR THE Founding AUTHOR, DEVELOPER, pending interests and time.)

Pending interest and time. (This is a paragraph of NOTES FOR THE Founding AUTHOR, DEVELOPER, pending interests and time.)

Afghan 5000 Year Quizette Show Game Postcard introduction with discount coupon.

Pricing: $3.99 with other order items.

[This is a paragraph of NOTES FOR THE Founding AUTHOR, DEVELOPER)


*Lived, taught, and published, 1976 & '77, Kabul University, RPCV; Research & Thesis Writing, skills textbook; "Afghanistan, 15 Years Later", Full Credits by late L. Dupree, PhD-Harvard, American University Field Staff Reports, SW Asia Series, 10/'76 (C) 2021-76, 2006, LOC, 2006.Quizettes show game magazine series? info/store pend. 


This is the Quizettes 3d-9d game board, for  Quizettes magazine on how to play the quiz show with or without cards (pending interest and time). 

INFO:  Quizettes show game magazine series? Afghanistan 5000 Year (RAFIQ, Friends), 


CAREER Treasures,  HEALTH Treasures?

Four food values for Fresh Food crops . . .



* * * * *

OTHER: NorCal Delta Dynamics (advocacy for rivers), pending...

Afghanistan, Dynamics, 5000 Year. 15 Year Cycles (2021-1961, with Career Keys, Attitudes to Aptitudes... with full credits from L. Dupree, PhD-Harvard, '76/10... Time willing for Manuscripts to pdf, and 500 page book via Xulon Press, pending. *Thanks be to God, as USA Afghan refugee friends had often said.

AFGHAN ROSE PETALS (17 min) song, history talk and pictures, link (See on by Prof-Author, Ed.Adm. 

* * * * *

Pricing $24.99 each (plus S&H), booklet with link, pending time and interest. "Salaam", Peace, Thanks, "Tashakor". INFO: This magazine video link development was from original 8 verse poem, to Afghan folk tune.

Life Treasure Keys?

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